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How Do Use Apartment Mailboxes to Enhance the Look of Your Community?

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If you’re renovating your apartment complex or simply looking to improve the visual appeal of your community to prospective residents, there are many customization options available for your mailboxes.

Location. Mailboxes for entire communities are often found in clubhouses or mounted onto pedestals outdoors, but these locations can be a prime opportunity to enhance the look of your community. Recessed horizontal 4C mailboxes are sometimes housed in kiosks which can be customized to fit the look of your community as well as provide customer safety. Cluster mailboxes can also be housed under overhangs to protect from the weather and these structures can also be used to enhance a community’s look.

Colors and Styles. All types of apartment mailboxes can come in a variety of colors and a few different styles. The right color can be chosen to match an apartment building’s palette no matter what type of mailboxes you’re choosing, and colors range from metallic, cream, black, white, and green.

Cluster and pedestal mailboxes are perhaps the most customizable units out of all apartment mailboxes. They are not only durable but can come with features such as finial caps, decorative caps, and decorative pedestals. Stucco cluster mailboxes are also available for a classy look and come in a variety of colors.

Numbers and Labels. When choosing the right apartment mailboxes, numbering customer compartments will of course be vital. Number stickers are available, but for a more elegant appearance, engraved customer numbers are also available. These engravings can come with a color fill for contrast. Custom text is available for both indoor and outdoor mailboxes.

Lighting. Solar lighting and lamps are available for some types of outdoor apartment mailboxes. This not only enhances the look of your apartment mailboxes but improves customer safety.