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What Are the Benefits of 4C Mailboxes?

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No matter what type of 4C Mailbox you need for your community or office complex, the benefits are basically the same. These benefits apply regardless of whether you are purchasing these mailboxes for USPS or private delivery.

Security– All 4C Mailboxes are of sturdy steel construction and are excellent for preventing mail theft. Unlike other wall-mounted mailboxes, 4C Mailboxes are always locking and can only be accessed by a postal employee, a private employee, and the customers themselves. Parcel lockers allow for the delivery of smaller packages without the risk for package theft.

Convenience– 4C Mailboxes save time for a postal employee who must deliver to a large office building or to a larger apartment complex or community. In the case of private delivery, an employee who would otherwise need to spend a good deal of time sorting and delivering mail can complete this task in a timely manner. Using 4C Mailboxes also eliminates the need to maintain a university mail room which can become messy and disorganized. Customers will also be able to pick up their mail at all hours, eliminating the need to visit a community office or mail room during business hours.

Less Maintenance– Purchasing 4C Mailboxes of any type may have a higher upfront cost, but these strong, durable units are unlikely to need to be replaced for many years to come. They are also resistant to damage from vandals and vehicles, unlike other wall-mounted and curbside mailboxes. As for maintenance, you are required to keep the area around your 4C Mailboxes safe and clear of obstructions such as ice and garbage, and to follow the Americans With Disabilities Act if installing your mailboxes for USPS delivery.

Reduced Labor– Installing many vertical, wall-mounted, or curbside mailboxes for an entire community, apartment complex, or office can be a lot of work. Installing one or several NEW Freestanding Depot Enclosure with 4C Horizontal Mailboxes may take overall less time and labor.

Space– All types of 4C Mailboxes can be installed side by side, making the best possible use of space.