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What are NEW Freestanding Depot Enclosures with 4C Horizontal Mailboxes?

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NEW Freestanding Depot Enclosure with 4C Horizontal Mailboxes are very similar to Cluster Box Units (CBU’s) in that they are heavy-duty, multi-family or multi-business mailboxes that are freestanding. Like CBU’s, they are placed in a central location, outdoors, on a slab of concrete. These mailboxes contain a number of horizontal customer units and may or may not include parcel lockers, and these compartments are held inside a finished cabinet. Some features that 4C mailboxes have are:

  • The customer compartments are usually 3 inches high by 12 inches wide, and 15 inches deep.
  • Each compartment comes with three tenant keys each.
  • Parcel lockers may or may not be present. If parcel lockers are not present, then one parcel locker must be purchased for every ten customer compartments if USPS delivery is desired.
  • Collection boxes with drop slots are optional and can be included with a 4C mailbox setup. However, outgoing mail slots are always included.
  • 4C mailboxes can come with one or two columns of customer units.
  • 4C mailboxes have a master lock for a USPS employee or private employee to access.
  • 4C mailboxes come with a weather-resistant finish and with secure locks to prevent mail theft. They are durable and will last for many years.
  • These units can come with number labeling for each customer unit.

These mailboxes differ from CBU’s because they don’t always come with parcel lockers, and the heights and door numbers of these units are more varied, and the mailbox unit is installed in a freestanding enclosure instead of on top of a pedestal. This makes them a popular choice for private delivery in places such as schools, hospitals, and universities. They are a good choice for private delivery due to the lax regulations versus the regulations that must be followed for USPS delivery. However, if installed for USPS delivery, each 4C mailbox unit must be approved by the postmaster before being mounted onto a Freestanding Depot Enclosure. Its location must be approved also.