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What Are 4C Recessed and Surface-Mounted Mailboxes?

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4C recessed mailboxes and 4C surface-mounted mailboxes consist of a series of horizontal customer cabinets (and typically parcel lockers) that are sold together as a unit. These units are ideal for installing into the walls of apartment clubhouses, lobbies, and mail kiosks. These units can be installed side by side, increasing the number of customer compartments and parcel lockers until everyone’s delivery needs are met. The only difference between these units is the method of mounting: recessed units are placed into an opening created in a wall while surface-mounted units are mounted onto a wall.

Recessed and surface-mounted mailboxes are good for both indoor and outdoor use and are typically installed in a central location of a multi-family community or a series of businesses. They can be used for both USPS and private delivery. Recessed mailboxes are a smart use of space, though more labor-intensive than installing surface mounted 4C mailboxes due to needing to create a hole in a wall or kiosk. Surface-mounted units only need to be attached to a wall using hardware.

Some features of recessed and surface-mounted 4C mailboxes are:

  • Many USPS-approved units will come with at least one parcel locker per ten customer units, as is required.
  • Additional parcel lockers can be purchased to be installed beside customer units if requirements are not met, or if more delivery space for packages is needed.
  • Customer compartments are typically 3 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 15 inches deep.
  • They are of weatherproof, secure construction that resists tampering and damage from the elements.
  • All recessed and surface-mounted 4C mailboxes make use of a master lock that a USPS employee or private employee can use to deliver mail. Delivery doors can be front-opening or rear-opening.
  • Tenant keys come with the units that you order. However, the USPS must install the master lock and the locks to any parcel lockers that come with the units you order, if you need USPS delivery.
  • Mail slots for outgoing mail are included with both recessed and surface-mounted 4C mailboxes. These outgoing compartments are typically the same size as customer units, and multiple outgoing compartments may be included.