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Are There Special Requirements for 4C Mailboxes?

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Whether or not there are requirements for your 4C mailboxes depends on whether you are expecting USPS or private delivery. For private delivery, the requirements below don’t apply, allowing you more freedom in how to set up your new pedestal, recessed, or surface-mounted 4C mailboxes.

If you are installing 4C mailboxes for USPS delivery, you will need to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act and you will need to contact the postmaster to ensure that you are following all regulations. The location you have chosen to install your new mailboxes will also need to be approved. You will also need to contact your local USPS office so they can send someone out to install the master lock(s) for your 4C mailboxes. A USPS employee will also need to install all locks meant to access parcel lockers and will handle the keys for the lockers.

Installing 4C mailboxes is required if:

  • If you are installing centralized mailboxes for a new complex, community, or building.
  • You are engaging in a major renovation project for the area that houses your centralized mailboxes. Any old 4B mailboxes in that area must be replaced with the 4C mailboxes that work the best for your situation.
  • You are replacing old mailboxes but changing the opening that houses them.
  • You are adding new mailboxes to accommodate more customers.

All 4C mailboxes have the following space requirements, if they are expecting USPS delivery:

  • They should not require tenants to walk more than one block to access their mail and packages.
  • No customer compartment shelf can be closer to the ground or floor level than 28 inches. Also, at least one customer compartment must be below 48 inches from ground or floor level.
  • The master lock must be between 36 and 48 inches off the ground to allow for ease of USPS delivery.
  • The floor of each parcel locker must be at least 15 inches from the floor or ground level.
  • All customer compartments must be no higher than 67 inches from the floor or ground.