Commercial Mailboxes

Commercial mailboxes have been the cornerstone to the National Mailboxes product line for many decades which supplies, manufacturers, and distributes a wide selection of multi-tenant commercial mailboxes. Both USPS Approved (for U.S Mail delivery) and private use/access style commercial mailboxes for private distribution. National Mailboxes specializes in both high quality outdoor mailboxes and indoor mailboxes and as well as free standing pedestal style and recessed wall mount style commercial mailboxes, which are offered and available to businesses & industries across the country. As a mailbox supplier and leader, we have been distributing our commercial mailboxes across the U.S, including all 50 states as well as North America-(Canada and Mexico) for several decades. Our outdoor and indoor commercial mailboxes which are geared for centralized mail delivery are ideal for apartment complexes, condominiums, commercial retail strip malls, office buildings, military bases, universities, schools, commercial buildings, cities, government agencies, housing authorities, post offices, and postal stores.

Pedestal Mailboxes

A few of our popular type outdoor free standing pedestal style commercial mailboxes include our: new high security front loading F-series Cluster Box Units-(CBUs) equipped with not only tenant doors but also includes built in parcel locker doors for packages and an outgoing mail compartment, as well as increased security features which meets and exceeds the new postal regulation standard. Also offered is our popular rear loading style neighborhood delivery & collection box units-(NDCBUs), front loading pedestal parcel lockers, free standing rotary mailbox enclosures, collection boxes, as well as many other models and styles to choose from. A few of our wall-mount recessed style commercial mailboxes would include our USPS Approved new 4C high security horizontal mailboxes, standard horizontal mailboxes, vertical mailboxes and apartment mailboxes, private access/use horizontal mailboxes for private distribution, rack ladder horizontals, brass mailboxes (horizontals), letter boxes, indoor parcel lockers, and letter drops/mail drops.

CBU Mailboxes

Our commercial mailboxes have exceptional durability and superior quality including all cabinets and hood seams on our high security CBUs that are robotically welded, designed to meet or exceed newest high security USPS standards, and have a durable, weather-resistant powder coat finish that resists scratching, vandalism as well as the outdoor elements. All units are constructed and manufactured of 300 series stainless steel and aircraft aluminum. The high security level built into these commercial mailboxes goes above and beyond, with customer and parcel doors constructed with reinforced corners and 360 degree wrap around hinges. The master doors are engineered to prevent prying with interlocking overlap seams and the solid aluminum mail slot frame design protects adjacent customer compartment and collection compartment. Units also come with the new USPS-1172 910 lock. The ease of use with these mailboxes is unparallel, especially with the new F-series high security Cluster Box Units which include master door gates that are hinged on the outer corners of the unit for easy access to all mail slots for mail carriers. The quick release door lock latch is another added feature. Each CBU has a compartment for outgoing mail collection and at least one parcel locker equipped with master arrow lock and 910 lock. Master Arrow locks are provided by the U.S Postal Service. Anchor bolt kits for pedestal to concrete mounting are also offered as an option. Installation instructions for CBU pedestal concrete mounting are also provided by National Mailboxes customer service/sales dept. at time of ordering. Our CBU mailboxes are USPS Approved by the U.S Postal Service for mail delivery as well as most of our other commercial mailboxes.

Apartment Mailboxes

Some of our multi-tenant wall-mount recessed style apartment mailbox units include our new USPS Approved 4C series High Security Horizontal Mailboxes and standard USPS Approved Horizontal Mailboxes and Vertical Mailboxes, Horizontal Mailboxes for Private Use/Access, Rotary Mailbox Enclosures, Parcel Lockers, Letter Boxes, Parcel Lockers, Letter Drops/Mail Drops, Vertical Collection Boxes, and Horizontal Collection Boxes. All units are available in front loading or rear loading style models. A wide selection of door compartment configurations are also available, everything from a 3-door vertical mailbox unit to a 60-door horizontal mailbox unit. Many of our horizontal mailboxes are designed for use in larger multi-family apartment buildings, high rise condominiums, office buildings, commercial buildings, dormitories, military bases, postal stores, etc. These commercial mailboxes are constructed of thick heavy-duty gauge aluminum. Front loading units require one compartment to be a master door for USPS use. Rear loading units have an optional rear cover and all units are recess-mounted.

All tenant doors come standard with 5 pin cylinder cam locks for maximum security along with (2) keys per door. Standard finishes are anodized aluminum/silver finish which is corrosion resistant and rust proof. A wide selection of additional powder coat finish colors is also available.

Commercial Mailbox Regulations

With the new postal standard regulation now in effect–(USPS STD-4C) which brings enhanced security, larger door sizes, integrated outgoing mail compartment and parcel locker compartments, the only mailboxes that are now compliant and mandatory on all new construction and major renovations are the 4C High Security Horizontal Mailboxes. These are the wall-mount mailboxes you have to get now if your application is for new construction or major renovations. All units are available in front and rear loading styles. The standard features on these type commercial mailboxes is that they have a durable, rugged, corrosion-rust resistant weatherproof powder coat finish which resists scratching and vandalism. All units are built of heavy duty gauge aluminum and 300 series stainless steel components for exceptional strength, corrosion proof, and top rated outdoor durability. The master loading doors are designed with interlocking overlap seams which prevent any prying. Other added features, include the quick release master loading door lock latch for easy access by Mail Carriers and the solid aluminum mail slot frame design which protects adjacent customer doors and collection compartment. The unique double-locking parcel locking mechanism design adds additional mail package security. The tenant door locks which are included consist of the new USPS-1172 910A lock with three keys. For tenant identification, standard number decals up to three digits or engraved identification up to six characters are available. Standard finish on the 4C High Security Horizontals is our anodized aluminum/silver finish, although other powder coat finishes are offered such as blonde gold, bright gold, silver speck, postal grey, black, dark bronze, white, forest green, and sandstone—(at no additional charge) Also included for installation with every 4C mailbox unit is our exclusive multi-unit connector kit hardware for easy installation.

Commercial Mailbox FAQs: