Commercial Mailboxes for Personal, Educational, and Business Locations

It is important to understand how versatile commercial mailboxes from National Mailboxes are. With the invention of multi-unit mailboxes, receiving mail has never been as effective and stylish. Below we will go over several key installments for all types of mailboxes.

The Importance of Multi-Unit Mailboxes For Condos, Apartments, and Other Communities

Centralized mail delivery is common in communities where door-to-door delivery would be difficult and time-consuming for a USPS or private employee. Multi-unit mailboxes are vital for meeting the postal needs for communities ranging from manufactured housing communities to condos. Apartment complexes also benefit greatly from centralized, multi-unit mailboxes for tenants.

Some common types of mailboxes for these multi-family communities include horizontal 4C mailboxes, in which tenant compartments are stacked on top of one another in the same unit, and freestanding 4C mailboxes which are currently phasing out 4C pedestal models and are good for outdoor settings. Multi-unit curbside mailboxes also exist that serve two to eight customers each, and are most often found in condominiums.

While installing such mailboxes for your property or community may involve a higher up-front cost, the benefits will far outweigh the initial purchase and installation. In fact, a property owner or manager can save money in the long run by investing in multi-unit mailboxes.

Durability and Security. Multi-unit mailboxes such as 4C horizontal and freestanding mailboxes are built from strong materials that resist damage, tampering, and weathering. This will make them unlikely to need repair or replacement in the near future, versus single-unit mailboxes. The locks for these mailboxes are also very secure, preventing mail theft and in the case of parcel lockers, package theft.

If damage does occur to a multi-unit mailbox, whether a 4C model or multi-unit curbside one, only that unit will need to be replaced. This can ultimately be less expensive than replacing multiple single-unit mailboxes over time.

Parcel lockers, which often come with multi-unit mailboxes, provide a secure place for centralized package delivery. This will prevent tenants from losing valuable items. Parcel lockers are also secure and resist damage.

Convenience, Saved Time, and Saved Money. Switching from single-unit to multi-unit mailboxes can make everyone happy: the property owner, whoever is making mail deliveries, and your tenants.

The convenience of a centralized, multi-unit mailbox system will allow your tenants to check their mail and receive packages at their own convenience, provided it is placed in a central location. Such a system will also allow for the USPS to deliver in a more timely manner or for a private employee of your community to distribute mail quickly, if you are using private delivery. This will save employee time and reduce the amount paid to employees for delivery time.

Without a centralized mail system, packages and other mail are either left in front of tenant doors, making them vulnerable to theft, or they are placed in a central office for private distribution, taking up valuable space. If packages are placed in a central office, it may be difficult for tenants to pick up their mail during business hours in many cases. Investing in multi-unit mailboxes eliminates these issues, and will also eliminate the need to keep a central office open after hours.

Community Appeal and Value. Multi-unit mailboxes are customizable, coming in a variety of colors and styles. This is especially true for multi-unit, curbside mailboxes that serve two to eight customers each in a community.

Mailboxes are one of the first things buyers see when looking at a community and can even increase the value of a community.

Less Labor. Installing one or a few multi-unit mailboxes will take far less time than installing dozens (or more!) single unit mailboxes. This means more cost savings in the form of paid labor and time savings when employees are doing the job.

If you have questions about which type of multi-unit mailbox is best for your community, contact us at National Mailboxes today.

Mailboxes for Military and Government Facilities

When it comes to mail and data distribution among military and government settings, leaving valuable mail and information unsecured at any time is simply not an option. Thankfully, there are delivery solutions that will keep sensitive information and other mail from getting into the wrong hands. Simple mail slots on office doors can be convenient in some situations, and are well-suited to regular mail delivery to individual offices, but this leaves the potential for sensitive information to be found by someone other than the intended recipient. The same goes for regular curbside mailboxes.

Secure mailboxes do exist, and they can receive private delivery from within an organization or facility. Many locking models are available and are built with durability and security in mind. Switching to multi-unit mailboxes will solve security issues when it comes to exchanging sensitive information and receiving important mail from elsewhere.

Secure Private Delivery. In places such as military installations, private delivery will most likely be used to distribute important mail from home to employees and recruits. Even in this situation, secure delivery will be needed, and multi-unit mailboxes such as horizontal mailboxes and freestanding outdoor models will be needed, due to their durable construction and secure locks. Parcel lockers are also included with many models. This will eliminate the need for expensive and disorganized mailrooms, and will save employee time on delivery. Using multi-unit mailboxes for employees in government facilities will also eliminate the need for the USPS or a private employee to leave sensitive mail lying out on desks or in a back room. Secure delivery will ensure that care packages from home will reach their recipients, and

Protecting Sensitive Information Within An Organization. A good option available for government and military facilities are data distribution mailboxes. These boxes are designed for use within an organization and include several compartments with mail slots. Each compartment is locking and secure, and can be accessed at one’s convenience. Each unit comes with up to six compartments, and are capable of stacking on a rack system with other units. This makes these boxes versatile and able to be either freestanding or recessed into a wall.

Using a secure data distribution system, employees can safely and reliably exchange information with one another without the use of a third party, eliminating another potential security issue.

Ability For Mail Delivery In A Central Location. Multi-unit mailboxes can be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings as they are very durable. Horizontal and freestanding mailboxes are designed to weather tough climates and last for many years, and they are highly resistant to mechanical and environmental damage. Multi-unit mailboxes can also be configured and installed beside one another to meet all delivery needs for an installation or a government facility. USPS and private delivery can be chosen. In the case of private delivery, there is more freedom to choose the configuration of your mailbox system as well as your mailbox units, as USPS requirements will not have to be met.

If you have questions regarding how multi-unit mailboxes can meet your delivery needs, contact us at National Mailboxes today.

The Importance of Using Multi-Unit Mailboxes for Strip Malls and Office Buildings

There are many aspects to running a commercial property, and one of the most important is mail delivery. All businesses receive mail, and ensuring that each business is able to do so easily and securely will help to retain tenants for years to come. In some cases, a USPS employee delivers mail and packages directly to each business, but is this the safest, most efficient way? In other cases, an employee in a strip mall or office building will receive mail and distribute it to each business or office in the complex. However, this solution is also not very efficient and may pose some security risks.

Multi-unit mailboxes are ideal for commercial properties with more than a few businesses or offices. These can include horizontal 4C mailboxes or freestanding 4C mailboxes which allow for quick, centralized delivery. Curbside multi-unit mailboxes can also be used for several businesses, as they will also allow centralized delivery. Horizontal 4C mailboxes and freestanding 4C mailboxes will also allow for parcel lockers.

Here are some reasons to invest in multi-unit mailboxes for your commercial property.

Security. Mail theft is a serious issue that costs individuals and businesses money. By investing in multi-unit mailboxes, especially if those mailboxes include parcel lockers, you can greatly reduce or eliminate mail theft for each business. For curbside multi-unit mailboxes, locks are sometimes available, adding extra security.

Ease of Delivery. Especially in the case of larger office buildings and complexes, a USPS employee may have difficulty finding each office’s mailbox or mail slot. The same may go for someone doing private delivery after the USPS has delivered mail or packages to a central office. Carrying mail up and down stairs or to multiple floors will also pose difficulty, and possible injury, for one or two people, and will be time consuming if multiple trips are required. Investing in a centralized mail delivery system will eliminate such time-consuming trips for the USPS or your employees, allowing them to focus on other aspects of your commercial property.

Fewer Maintenance Costs. All types of multi-unit mailboxes will require less maintenance than several, or more, single-unit mailboxes, simply because there are fewer units to maintain. Horizontal 4C units and freestanding 4C mailboxes are very durable and resistant to damage, making replacement unlikely in the near future.

Convenience. Tenants will appreciate being able to pick up their important mail and packages at their convenience, as each customer receives their own key to their compartment. Parcel lockers provide a secure place to store packages until tenants are able to collect them, and when the USPS is delivering, each customer will receive a key to access their packages when placed in a parcel locker.

Office Space Will Be Freed. If an employee is delivering packages and mail to each tenant on your property, it’s likely that office space or storage room space has been taken up by packages and mail, especially if some businesses or offices are not open during all normal hours. It may even be possible to rent out additional space once an area is freed of packages and other mail.

Mailboxes For College Dorms, Housing, and University Offices

Multi-unit mailboxes are excellent choices not only for large business complexes and communities that house large families. They are also excellent for colleges and universities who are trying to manage mail delivery for many students and staff members at once. In the past, the typical solution to mail delivery was to run a mailroom–an often messy and chaotic way to distribute important deliveries to students and staff. However, multi-unit mailboxes can clear up this need and save time for both students and staff.

Horizontal mailboxes (4C and 4B) are the most common type found on college campuses. These mailboxes consist of square or horizontal units that stack on top of one another. Some of these units also include parcel lockers. These mailboxes can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, with indoor being the most common. Usually, these units are installed for private delivery (not USPS delivery.) Freestanding mailboxes are newer models designed for outdoor use that also hold several customer compartments each.

Horizontal Mailboxes are Configurable. Several large units can be purchased and installed next to one another for mail delivery when the need to deliver to many students and staff arises. There are many ways to ensure that there are enough mailboxes for everyone, including whether these units will be recessed or freestanding, and how many doors each unit will have.

An old mailroom can be turned into an area for mailboxes, and to save valuable space, horizontal mailboxes can be purchased as recessed units. For easier installation, freestanding units are simply attached to a wall.

These mailboxes can be installed in main hallways, lobbies, outdoor kiosks, and more. Numbers can be included with each compartment as well.

Also, when choosing private delivery (non-USPS) to each compartment, campuses have more freedom in choosing the right multi-unit mailboxes as USPS requirements do not have to be met. However, it is best to keep the ADA requirements in mind.

No Mailroom Means No Inconvenience. Mailrooms are typically only open during certain hours of the day, often making it difficult or impossible for busy staff and students to collect their mail. This means that mail and packages can sit and take up space for long periods of time, causing stress for both students and mailroom staff. Switching to multi-unit mailboxes eliminates this need, as both will be able to check their mail at their convenience.

Employees can now deliver mail directly to each student’s and staff member’s compartment (provided your campus does private delivery) and save valuable time. This also eliminates clutter and the possibility of lost mail.

For other campus housing, such as smaller dorms, outdoor freestanding mailboxes can be installed. These mailboxes stand alone in an outdoor setting, typically on a slab of concrete, and have several horizontal customer compartments each.

Improved Security. Mail and coveted packages from home can get lost in busy mailrooms, and are more likely to be stolen or tampered with when sitting out and waiting to be picked up by staff and students. Switching to multi-unit mailboxes can greatly reduce mail theft as these units are locking and each customer will be provided with a key. For larger packages, parcel lockers can be included with many models of horizontal mailboxes. These units are secure and will hold packages until students are able to collect them.

Freestanding mailboxes are very durable and resistant to tampering and damage as they are made for an outdoor setting, and these mailboxes can come with parcel lockers as well.

If you have questions regarding how multi-unit mailboxes can meet your delivery needs, contact us at National Mailboxes today.

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