A Guide to Choosing the Right Lockers

It can feel overwhelming choosing the right locker types for your school, locker room, office, or sauna. When you take a few factors in mind, the process can be greatly simplified. Below is our guide on how to choose the correct lockers for your business or construction project.

Note: Per the Americans With Disabilities Act, at least one locker, and/or at least five percent of your lockers, will need to be compliant with the ADA. See our guide on this topic.

Number Locker Compartments Needed. This should be the first consideration you make when purchasing lockers.

  • How many users will require locker space at a single time? This will not only help you determine the number of lockers needed, but will also allow you to determine how many compartments are required.
  • How much wall and floor space is available? This factor will also determine how many lockers can fit into an area as well as whether double or triple tier lockers will be required to meet the needs of users.
  • Which option is the most cost effective? Installing a few double or triple tier lockers can cost less than installing a greater number of single tier lockers.
  • How many locker tiers do you need? Lockers come with anywhere from one to six vertical compartments each. Users requiring the storage of clothing will need single and double tier lockers, while those only storing food or purses in an office may do well with a six-tier locker setup.

Locker Type and Style. Aesthetics will vary based on the environment in which you are installing your lockers.

  • Metal lockers are most often used in schools, locker rooms, and industrial sites as they are durable and easy to install in rows.
  • Solid oak lockers and wooden, laminated lockers are typically used in office settings, upscale country clubs, and some health clubs. They carry a professional and pleasing look.
  • Plastic lockers are resistant to water and are thus used in humid environments such as showers, saunas, restaurants, and some gyms.

How Quickly Do You Need Your Lockers, and Can Someone Assemble Them? All types of lockers can be ordered as already assembled or as unassembled units.

  • Assembled units come completely put together, but typically take a bit longer than unassembled units to ship.
  • Unassembled lockers typically ship very quickly and are a good choice if you need them immediately. This choice is good if you have someone available to put them together and do not need many lockers. However, you can also order expert assembly if needed.

What type of locks will you need?

  • Padlocks are the most common lock type used with all lockers. They can come in a variety of styles and can require keys or a combination.
  • Electronic locks can come installed in the locker itself.
  • Combination and keyed locks can also come installed in the locker itself, eliminating the need to purchase padlocks separately.