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Mail Chest Locking Mailbox

National Mailboxes has available a varied assortment of residential mail chests that work perfectly as residential mailboxes and are USPS approved for curbside delivery.

These modern residential mailboxes are made entirely of rust-proof aluminum and feature both a front and rear access locking door. Unlike common residential mailboxes you need not worry again about placing important outgoing mail (checks, bills etc.) in these mailboxes.

These modern residential mailboxes feature an outgoing mail tray that is safe and secure. Another useful feature is that a master postal lock is not required. Keep you mail where it should be – in your mailbox.

  • Unit size: 14 3/8"W x 17 1/4"H x 23"D (Installed height w/ pedestal: 49"H)
  • Mail deposit opening size: 11"W x 2"H
  • cludes outgoing mail tray

Contact National Mailboxes' customer service center for more product information at 1-800-676-5161.

  USPS Approved   

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Custom Engraved Placards - H4367
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H4350 MAIL CHEST: (USPS Approved or for Private Use / Private Access)
Made entirely of aluminum, National Mailboxes U.S.P.S. approved H4300 series mail chests feature both a front and rear access locking door. Mail is deposited through a nonlocking access panel on the front. Each unit includes an outgoing mail tray, a lock with two keys on each door (keyed alike) and an adjustable red signal flag. Units are available in a black, green, silver or white powder coated finish. Mail chests are approved for U.S.P.S. curbside mail delivery. Master postal lock not required. For a smaller version of this product, see roadside mailboxes.


Mail chests can be mounted on the optional bolt mounted (H4365) or in-ground mounted (H4385) aluminum pedestals or a base of your choice. Mail chests can also be mounted in columns, masonry or walls.